#mnetoday is the digital insider to Montenegro’s cultural and business lifestyle. It is aimed at delivering a fresh selection of influential interviews, events, activities, and the social life from different countries of the world to an international audience from around the world.
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porto montenegro
Porto Montenegro is the leading superyacht marina and luxury village in the Adriatic. Bringing luxury to a new level, Porto Montenegro is introducing the best marina services, high-end residences and new lifestyle concepts. The always vibrant village offers 50 retail units of fashion and accessories boutiques, bars, restaurants, a spa and hair salon, a grocery store, wine saloon, brasserie, yachting services and other everyday amenities.
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MYBA pop-up superyacht show
The MYBA Pop-Up Superyacht Show is an annual B2B superyacht event, bringing together international brokers, agents, and yachts to discover the developing infrastructure and excellent cruising grounds of Montenegro and the surrounding region.
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discover montenegro
Discover Montenegro is a prime destination management agency providing a range of services including hotel, travel, helicopter, yacht and private jet charter, lifestyle, experiences and property consultancy.
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stoppie Inc
Stoppie Inc is a premium motorcycle parts & accessories retailer with headquarters in Japan. The company exports high-quality goods to the markets worldwide.
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Byblos is the first Lebanese restaurant chain in Montenegro and opened its doors in May 2016. The restaurant offers Lebanese oriental vegetable-based dishes containing natural, unprocessed ingredients, like fresh vegetables and fruits, an array of legumes and whole grains, cold pressed oils including olive and sesame (tahini), locally sourced meats and seafood, fresh and fermented yoghurt and other dairy, nuts and seeds.
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Komine is a Japanese motorcycle company with more than 50 years of production experience. The company has a worldwide distribution chain. Headquarters is in Tokyo.
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